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Tuition, Charges, & Fees

The tuition charge for student is $350.00 per unit. Tuition is payable in full at the time of registration, unless you have arranged in advance with the administration for an alternate payment plan. Tuition is subject to change.

Estimated Costs

It is estimated that books and material costs would be approximately $65.00 per each course of study. Therefore, if a student takes two classes his/her books could cost about $130.00 per quarter. Tuition, fees, books and materials could cost approximately $42,000.00 through your four-year course of study.

Fee Schedule

  • *APPLICATION FEE : $50.00
  • *REGISTRATION FEE : $200.00
  • TUITION PER UNIT : $350.00
  • DIPLOMA FEE : $60.00
  • GRADUATION FEE : $400.00
  • TRANSCRIPT FEE : $10.00
  • RETURN CHECK FEE : $25.00

Important Notice

Official transcripts will be provided subject to payment of the prescribed fee and if there are no outstanding financial obligations due to the college. If the student has made a partial tuition payment WSLS will only withhold that portion of the grades or transcript amount of the tuition that remains unpaid.

Transcript will include grades posted as of the request date and will be marked appropriately for intended usage. Documents establishing eligibility for admission are not available for redistribution.


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