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Students must submit their prior law school transcripts to the Western Sierra Law School’s administration for a curricula/graduation status check and approval of prior Law school units. Students are also advised to seek evaluation from the Committee of Bar Examiners regarding acceptability, duplication and exemption from the First Year Law Students Examination. Once a student is enrolled at Western Sierra Law School, no additional units shall be transferred from another law school without the express written consent of the administration at Western Sierra Law School. Credits earned at Western Sierra Law School are generally accepted at law schools that have similar standards and requirements which are comparable to Western Sierra Law School.

Transfer Credit may be awarded to incoming students with the following limitations:

- No credit may be granted unless the requirements of Section 6060h of the California Business and Professional Code have been met, that is, unless the applicant has passed the First Year Law Student’s Examination or become exempt while attending another law school. To be exempt from the examination the student must have successfully completed the first year at the accredited law school and be advanced to the second year by the same law school.

- Credit will ordinarily be granted for whole courses completed not more than twenty- seven (27) months prior to the date the applicant begins study at Western Sierra Law School. This time limitation does not apply to students who have passed the First Year Law Student’s Examination.


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