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Western Sierra Law School was founded in 1979. Its purpose is to provide a traditional program of quality in the study of law for individuals whose professional goals require competency in Anglo-American Jurisprudence.

Our campus is located at 8575 Gibbs Dr., Suite #150, San Diego, CA 92123.

Conveniently located in central San Diego, WSLS is only minutes away from the Edward J. Schwartz U.S. Courthouse, City Hall, the San Diego County Law Library, the San Diego County Courthouse, and the San Diego Superior courts among others.

The Juris Doctor program is designed to accommodate mature established residents who find it necessary to support themselves or family by working days; must commute long distances for similar education; or find the cost of comparable education unaffordable. Western Sierra has offered its J.D. program as an affordable alternative to the current high cost in obtaining a legal education.

The school has sought to attain these ends by quality adjunct faculty teaching small classes in a comprehensive course of study using the best available materials. This has been done on a part-time basis with students attending two or three evenings each week.

The first year core curriculum extends over four quarters. Each quarter, students will attend two evening classes per week for ten weeks, completing the substantive law portion, followed by an intersession module of two weeks in-depth subject analysis. At the end of the first year, students must take and pass the CA First Year Law Students Examination, aka: "Baby Bar Exam". Students may continue to enroll in courses after the first year, however students must be aware that the CA Bar requires a passing score on the baby bar exam within three eligible sittings in order to receive credit for completed courses. Should a student pass the baby bar exam on a fourth or subsequent sitting, only one year of law school credit will be recognized by the CA Bar, and that student must complete an additional three years of law study. Please refer to the disclosure links in the main menu, or request a meeting with the Dean if you have any questions.

WSLS graduates receive the Juris Doctorate degree and are to be found serving their Community, and State within legal practice, government and other public service, insurance, academia and businesses in the private sector.

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