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Western Sierra Law School offers a comprehensive legal curriculum. Rather than emphasizing any single area of the law, the School provides both introductory and advanced courses in every major area of legal endeavor. The degree of Juris Doctor is conferred upon all graduates. Graduates of the School will meet the legal education qualifications for taking the California Bar Examination and upon passing may be licensed to practice Law in the State of California. Upon admission to the bar, graduates of Western Sierra Law School will be eligible to become members of both the California State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Please read the Guideline 6061.7(a) Disclosures, or contact the Dean of Students for more information.

The School and the student share responsibility for passage or failure of Bar Examinations. WSLS endeavors to teach the Law, in addition to analytical, writing and professional practice skills. The student must be focused and work hard, both in and out of class in order to succeed.

Four-Year JD Program (Part Time)

Duration: 4 Year Program (2 nights per week)

Criminal Law, Contracts and Torts will continue to be taught as a one quarter course, for ten weeks each on two evenings per week for the fall, winter, spring and summer quarters.


  • Contracts I & II (10 weeks) - 8.0 units
  • Legal Analysis I - Contracts (2 weeks) [Pass/Fail] - 2.0 units
  • Criminal Law I & II (10 weeks) - 8.0 units
  • Legal Analysis II - Criminal Law (2 weeks) [Pass/Fail] - 2.0 units
  • Torts I & II (10 weeks) - 8.0 units
  • Legal Analysis III - Torts (2 weeks) [Pass/Fail] - 2.0 units
  • Legal Research (10 weeks) [Pass/Fail] - 3.0 units
Total First-Year Courses: 33.0 units

Students attend two classroom hour evening classes each week for ten weeks. This is immediately followed by a two week Intercession of subject analysis, during which, students attend three classroom hour sessions per week. Final examinations are usually conducted at the end of the last week of the Intercession. One Unit equals 10 hours of classroom instruction. The course scheduled just prior to each Intercession of Analysis is a prerequisite for any student enrolling in the Intercession. The total classroom hours for each quarter, including the Intercessions is 104.


  • Advanced Legal Problems [Pass/Fail] - 3.0 units
  • California Civil Procedure - 3.0 units
  • California Evidence - 4.0 units
  • Civil Litigation Skills [Pass/Fail] - 3.0 units
  • Civil Procedure I & II - 7.0 units
  • Community Property - 4.0 units
  • Constitutional Law I & II - 8.0 units
  • Corporations I & II - 7.0 units
  • Criminal Litigation Skills [Pass/Fail] - 3.0 units
  • Criminal Procedure - 4.0 units
  • Evidence I & II - 7.0 units
  • Professional Responsibility - 4.0 units
  • Property I & II - 4.0 units
  • Remedies I & II - 8.0 units
  • Trusts - 3.0 units
  • Wills/gifts - 4.0 units
  • Elective Units - 11.0 units
  • Clinical Education Units, Optional [Pass/Fail] - 0-8 units
Total 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Courses: 87.0 units


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